January 19, 2018

Committees & Topics

SheffMUN2018 Rules of Procedure

UNSC (United Nations Security Council)

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Chairs: Tahmid Chowdury, Bastian Harth

Topic A: The Question of an Independent Kurdish State

Topic B: Addressing the Rohingya Crisis

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UNHRC (UN Human Rights Council)


Chairs: Zoe Braddick, Alexandra Maria Oancea, Richard Costelloe-Walsh

Topic A: The Question of Climate Migration

Topic B: The Rights of Indigenous People: Protecting cultural diversity in modern times

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ECOSOC (Economic, Cultural, Social Council)


Chairs: Alexander Castro Jamal, Joanna Veimou, Hakeem Duckworth-Porter

Topic A: Recessing Emergency Responses: Space-Based Solution to Prevent Disaster Mortality

Topic B: Combating Human Trafficking and Forced Labour

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Directors: Thomas Ron, Ben Walker, Tom Davies, Kiwan Richard

Chairs: Samuel Ribansky, Dale Hargrove

Backroom Staff: Sylvia de Serdio van den Wall Bake, Carlos Torrado Ortega, Rob Dykes, Tom Luck

Topic: The Iran-Iraq War (2 Cabinets)

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