July 17, 2017

2018 Secretariat

Your SheffMUN 2018 Secretariat are faithfully committed to making this year’s conference even more exciting than the last!

We look forward to seeing you in February!

Secretary General: Silvia Suveti

Silvia Suveti pic





My name is Silvia Suveti and I will be the Secretary General for this edition of SheffMUN. I am originally from the beautiful city of Timisoara, Romania and I study European and International Law at the University of Sheffield. I am currently finishing my Erasmus year in Munster, Germany and I will be returning to Sheffield in September for my last year of university. SheffMUN 2014 was my first MUN conference and I am delighted to be part of this wonderful MUN family for the fourth consecutive year.

What I love most about Model UN (besides the heated and passionate discussions) is that I made many international friends and I met so many wonderful people that I otherwise wouldn’t have. I hope that this edition of SheffMUN will bring together even more MUN enthusiasts than the years before. We surely promise that we will give out best to ensure that you will have an amazing time in Sheffield.


Deputy Secretary General: Evelyn Mantoiou






Hello everyone! My name is Evelyn and I am currently the Deputy Secretary General for the 2018 edition of Sheffield Model United Nations. It is my pleasure to welcome you all to SheffMUN 2018 and I hope you have a pleasant time in the Steel City. At the moment, I am pursuing a masters degree, after graduating from The University of Sheffield with a BA in International Relations and Politics.

I have been interested in MUN since my first year of university, having been the Treasurer and eventually the President of our MUN society, as well as being part of the organising team of the previous SheffMUN. If you have any questions or complaints, feel free to pass them down to me, I am ready to help.

USG for Logistics: Maria Khan

My name is Maria Khan, and I’ll be the USG Logisitcs for this year’s SheffMUN. I’m a Sheffield Hallam Student, studying Computer science. At the time of the SheffMUN, I’ll be acting as the grease monkey and getting all the dirty inner workings sorted so that we can all have a great one this year. This is my second SheffMUN in a row, so hopefully I’ll be well placed to help you all out!

Like all good MUN-ers, I like reading, especially the news – despite what it does to my blood pressure, as well as competitive debating, programming, graphics design and whole load of other rather dull hobbies. This year’s topic I think is close to alot of people’s hearts, so I hope everyone takes a keen interest in it all and gives us alot to think about coming out of this year’s SheffMUN. Have fun guys, and if you need anything, never hesitate giving any of us a shout!

USG for Chairing: Serena Cavasin

serena pic (1)
My name is Serena Cavasin, and I will be serving as Sheffmun2018 USG Chairing. I am originally from a small town in the Venetian countryside called Treviso, the land of prosecco wine. Previously a philosophy graduate from the University of Sheffield, I am now a MA Human Rights Candidate at UCL. As for many other members of the Secretariat, SheffMUN was my first ever conference as a delegate, and the conference that I have also had the honour of organising in 2016, ensuring it would carry on and remain on the UK MUN map.

This year, as the USG Chairing, my task will be that of selecting the best chairs possible for the conference, so that all delegates can have a memorable MUN experience while achieving their fullest
diplomatic potential.

USG for Media and Outreach: Christian Brookes

Christian Brookes Picture





A politics student at Sheffield Hallam, in third year, I have previously been involved in running of the M.U.N. society at Hallam, and have attended conferences in both Sheffield and Madrid in the last year. I’m originally from Brighton, but have grown up in the East Midlands, and have been studying politics in Sheffield for two years. I plan to go onto a masters course in the field of international politics after that is concluded, which is something I have certainly developed an interest in because of Model United Nations and the themes which it covers. I have an interest in a wide variety of topics relating to the U.N., but specifically am interested in working towards cooperation between nations and groups from all corners of the world.

USG for Applications: Sebastian Baker






Hi my name is Sebastian (every one calls me Seb). I am Secretary of applications. I will be ensuring we get people into the right committees and that they don’t get more than they can handle. I’m a second year politics student at Sheffield Hallam, and treasurer of our MUN society. Outside of MUN I love to chat and debate in the pub. I can and will do it for hours on end so if you dare have a go, I’m up for it!!

USG for Support and Administration: Danielle Revill-Crookes






I’m Danielle and I’m the USG for socials helping to make sure we all get to know each other outside of the conference room! I was born in Nottingham but I have studied at Sheffield Hallam for 2 years and I’ve just completed my study abroad in The Hague, Netherlands. I’m the current president of the SHSU Model UN Society at Hallam and I’ve attended conferences all over the world including the Netherlands, Spain and Israel.

I am passionate about Model UN because I think it has a lot to teach young people in regards to teamwork, leadership and collaboration. SheffMUN 2015 was my first ever conference and I’m so excited to be a part of the secretariat and help organise a great conference for you all!

USG for Support and Administration: Kuda Kunaka






My name is Kuda. I am the official USG Support and Admin consultant. I’m simpler language; a handy man. I am 5ft.6.5 on a good day; a long hot summer’s day. At any other times, best believe, I’m a shrunk, drunk..ermm..chipmunk. Perfect for a job description like mine. So anywhere you’ll find faults I’ll admit I was intoxicated or I couldn’t reach.

USG for Public Relations and Communications: Xenia Konstantinou

Xenia Konstantinou





My name is Xenia and I am 21 years old. I am from Cyprus and I am an English Language and Literature at the University of Sheffield. This is my final year in Sheffield and I really want to make the most out of it! I will be the USG for Public Relations and Communication for SheffMUN this year.

As a school student I was involved with Model United Nations and that is why I wanted to continue
to be involved with it while being at University. I am also an active member of the European Youth
Parliament (EYP) Cyprus through which I have taken part in sessions around Europe.