December 20, 2012


The Secretariat consists of the Secretary-General, the Deputy Secretary-General and the Under Secretaries-General. Whereas the first two coordinate and monitor the planning and  preparation of the conference as a whole, the Under Secretaries-General are directly responsible for one specific aspect of the event. It is now our pleasure to introduce the Secretariat for SheffMUN 2014.

Tahmid Chowdhury

tahmidsecIt brings me great pleasure to be your Secretary General for Sheffield Model United Nations 2014.

My name is Tahmid Chowdhury and I am a fourth year undergraduate at the University of Sheffield studying French and History; I am interested in international affairs, language and culture, all of which I hope to pursue through a masters in the future. Having spent my year abroad (as well as years before) MUNing across Europe, I am very excited in inviting you to Sheffield for what I am sure will be a fantastic conference. I have been a part of SheffMUN since its inception, first as a delegate in 2012 and as an Under-Secretary General for Chairing in 2013; as such SheffMUN has always been ‘in the blood’. Together with the SheffMUN secretariat team, we wish to continue building, establishing and improving our conference. This year we aim for a more professional conference system as well as a more all-rounded experience, with the inclusion of journalists, crisis team, improved socials as well as much more. I therefore very much look forward to welcoming you all to Sheffield in November where we will no doubt be holding the best SheffMUN to date.

Deputy Secretary-General
Jason Southcott

Bio PhotoMy name is Jason Southcott and I would like to welcome you to SheffMUN 2014. I am a student of Sheffield University reading History and Politics. With my passion for the Cold War, MUN has been an outlet for all the metaphorical ‘proxy wars’ and ‘power struggles’ which the conflict entailed (and left in legacy); under the shroud of ideology. Currently, I am interested in global conflicts and deterrence measures, all of which fall under the prerogative of the Security Council. I began MUN at school and have over 14 conferences in my repertoire, as a delegate, chair, and organiser (RRSMUN2012). MUN has provided great opportunities, fuelling a passion for politics and is a means of meeting interesting people from all over the world. Besides history and politics, I am also interested in The Walking Dead (not literally), literature, classical art, architecture, and cinematically: Starship Troopers.

Under Secretary-General (Chairing)
Christiana Scarlatou

My name is Christiana Scarlatou (Scarlett) and I come from Athens, Greece. I am your Under-1374998_10202290058078936_1616038295_nSecretary General for Chairing aka the Headhunter of SheffMUN 2014! I am responsible for Chairpersons, Rules of Procedure and smooth debates during the days of the Conference.I am on my last year of studies in the Department of Social Anthropology at the Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences. I love everything that has to do with International Humanitarian Law and (of course!) Human Rights.Besides the MUN addiction I really enjoy trips, movies, painting, dancing and eating chocolate.Chairpersons and Delegates: We expect all of you to perform your best during these three days and show the world your unique diplomatic skills!I am really looking forward to this memorable experience and to an awesome SheffMUN 2014!

Under Secretary-General (Logistics)
Muneeb Ahmed

IMG_1592[1]My name is Muneeb Ahmed, second year business management student. I did my first MUN 4 years ago which proved to be an amazing experience, since after that I have participated in various conferences. The level of international knowledge gained along with a chance to improve your level of confidence as well as communication skills in immense. I plan to carry on doing MUNs just to keep me intact of the worldly affairs along with the unique experience gained. MUNs offer just more than a debate, it gives us an idea of how the UN really works and how they reach a solution to solve serious worldly problems. The world has so many problems to deal with at the moment, being united and solving them will be way easier instead of trying to solve them when countries have conflicts with each other. I am your logistics officer for this year and I hope to make your travel and your conference a very good experience.

Under Secretary-General (PR & Outreach) Tjasa Pele

 TjašaI am a fourth-year student of International Relations at the Faculty of Social Science in Ljubljana, Slovenia. I was introduced to MUN two years ago when I participated in Durham Model United Nations in England. Since then, I participated in various MUNs as a delegated and Chair. I always had an interest in international relations and security, which grew even stronger after my participation in United Nations models. For me Model United Nations present a unique opportunity for present and future generations to learn and understand about the issues that concern the global community, as the world we live in today is more interdependent than it ever was. What is even more inspiring for me is the great spirit of coming together and being part of individual and social change and this is what makes Model United Nations so unbelievably interesting. I am looking forward towards both the hard and hopefully fruitful work during the conference and the great evenings afterwards.

Under Secretary-General (Socials)
Patrick Brown 

1467233_499280403504425_493075983_nMy name is Paddy, I’m a final year politics student and have the great pleasure of doing all the printing, scanning, copying and general organisation that goes into an MUN conference. But on a more exciting note I’m also in charge of organising socials, a job I’ve been doing formally and informally since I came to university (and long before that if I’m honest!). For those of you unaware, Sheffield is well known for it’s vibrant nightlife, with a cutting edge underground music scene, amazing venues and, most importantly, some of the best drinks prices in the UK, you have a lot to look forward to by attending SheffMUN 2014!Being new to the MUN circuit I have quickly realised the socials are an integral part of any good conference, and that is why SheffMUN is trying its best at securing the classiest venues in town! I hope you are looking forward to attending SheffMUN 2014, and can’t wait to see you all extending your diplomatic skills to the dance floor!

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