About Sheffield

The City of Sheffield is world renowned as the home of the steel industry (which is still very much active and the worlds independent steel works is based here), world class sporting facilities (including Olympic standard venues), one of the UK’s finest theatre complexes (second largest outside London) and the Peak District national park (the first national park in the UK) within the city limits. It is home to some 550,000 people and a huge variety of cultures and religious groups. The city is often considered England’s ‘largest village’ on account of its compact size and relaxed atmosphere.

Sheffield is considered one of the cheapest, greenest and friendliest places to live in the UK (according to the Natwest Student Living Index). There are some 150 woodlands and parks within the city, including the famous Winter Garden, a large temperate greenhouse. Owing to its village atmosphere, Sheffield is very friendly and crime rates and therefore low.

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