About Model UN

…and most of all, get involved with MUN, it will change your life…

What is MUN?

You may have been wondering about his. MUN, Model United Nations, is as the name well suggests, a simulation of the United Nations. Groups of students, each representing a country or an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization), will group together and simulate a UN Forum’s Debate. (Eg: The Human Rights Council, the Security Council, the Special Political and Decolonization Committee, the Environmental Committee…) According to the committee they are in, the topics may range from Nuclear Disarmament to Sustainable Development to Tackling the Global Economic Crisis.

MUN Debate is regulated by Rules of Parliamentary Procedure, or, for short, “ROP”. At a first glance, these may seem as an incomprehensible array of sophisticated regulations, but any MUNer will tell you that it really doesn’t take more than half-an-hour to grasp the basics and start contributing to the discussion! Indeed, many experienced participants will tell you that ROPs actually facilitate constructive discussion and better use of time. The final objective of a debate is that of producing a resolution; A resolution is a written document which describes the committee’s decisions with respect to the question at hand. Once again, resolution-writing is an art governed by strict rules, but do not worry, more experienced delegates and committee presidents are always there to give a handy to beginners!

There will always be a person in charge of the committee, this will often be known as Committee Chair, President or Director. This will be an experienced MUNer with several conference’s experience; Their job is that of ensuring that the rules are followed, the debate proceeds smoothly and, of course, to help delegates by answering both questions on procedures as well as on the content of the debate.

Why MUN?

Because it’s fun! Aside from that…

  • You get to meet people. Loads of people, from all kinds of backgrounds and origins, from all sorts of universities and institutions; You get to make friends, you get to invite them over to your conference and, perhaps you will be invited to theirs!
  • You travel! Yes, MUN conferences are all over the world. Famous UK based ones include Cambridge, Oxford, London and Edinburgh… Has this wet your appetite yet? Let me give you a few more names… Paris, Rome, New York, Sydney… Name a city, and chances are there is a conference there! And the best, of course, is that you very often are eligible for special discounts on travel and housing!
  • It looks good on CV! Yes, show those employers that your Uni years were more than drinking and clubbing, demonstrate that you actually did something beyond getting a degree. Even if your degree is completely irrelevant to MUN, it still adds that “special something” to your job application!
  • MUN includes socials. Enjoy a three-course formal dinner for a price which resembles a cheeseburger or a bowl of onion-rings, and then get your best moves ready for the dance floor. MUNers say “work hard, play hard”!

I want to get involved!

Great to hear! Whether you’re a university freshman, Master’s student or Senior PhD-er, you are very much welcome to join our society! And don’t worry, there’s no need to start off by presenting a resolution in front of an assembly of 1,000+ people. Just start by attending our weekly workshops and getting to know the environment. We host weekly debates in a friendly and familiar environment. Once you feel more confident, have a look at our list of conferences and find one which suits your taste (and budget)!  Or, has your friend told you about this amazing conference they attended some time ago? Or is there this city you’ve always dreamed visiting and, casually, there appears to be an MUN conference there? By all means, let us know!

We’re just as enthusiastic of MUN as you will be, and we are always ready to accommodate new conferences in our ever-growing list!

This having been said, hopefully this gives a better idea of what MUN is and how great it can be! We are looking forward to you visiting us during our workshops, and maybe one day boarding a plane with us for some amazing MUN in an exotic location!